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Only the books that your kids would want to read

Only the books that your kids would want to read

"Empower your child with a personalized monthly book box designed to foster their growth and development."

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How It Works

Our curators handpick each book for your little reader's book box according to their age, pace and interests.

Step 1

About the reader

Provide your child's age, likes, dislikes, and preferences to help us personalize their ideal book selection.

Step 2


Carefully select the ideal plan that fits your duration, budget, and preferred number of books

Step 3

Enjoy reading

Each month, we'll deliver a customized book box complete with guides for every book included.


Personalised curation 

Each reader is unique. We acknowledge and embrace that in our curation process

Reading guide 

Notes from the experts with strategies to help enhance the active reading experience

Expert selection

Each book is selected after evaluating hundreds of books out there

Little piece of art

Simple monthly surprise goodies for the little reader

What's inside the box?

Individually curated selection to advance their abilities at each stage 

Each book is mindfully  picked keeping the reader in mind. As the reader's preferences grow, we adjust the curation.


Lifelong Readers

Create independent lifelong readers.Your kids will indulge in books during their free time and grow into a confident reader

Create Family Bonding

Bonding between parents and children through story time and reading together

Facilitate Conversation

Facilitate difficult conversation with children through books. Relate stories with real life issues you and your little ones face in life


​Hear what children and parents love about kutubooku

The first box from Kutubooku itself was a revelation. 
It was a hand-picked assortment of books tailored to her interests and age. 
That's when I realised that picking the right books was an art in itself. She loved each and every book, and they have wonderful life lessons too. 



"Kutubooku is godsent for parents who are tired of the cookie-cutter age filter search results on Amazon and other eCommerce sites. Curators at Kutubooku know their readers, their age, reading history and preferences which ensures that every single book in a book box turns out to be a favourite."



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