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  • What is Kutubooku?
    Kutubooku is a children’s book subscription service that curates and sends personalised book boxes for children between the ages of 0-8 years based on the child’s interests, reading levels, parent’s interests, life events and so on. Kindly refer to this article on Forbes to understand a bit more about what we do and why!
  • How does the curation process work?
    Kutubooku is the only book subscription platform in India which handpicks books for each individual child based on their specific needs and helps with the reading process as well. Based on the questionnaire response you provide, our expert panel will select the books that are best suited to your needs which will be then sent to your doorstep. And this is just the beginning. Our expert team of curators stay in touch with the parents throughout the journey to understand what worked, what did not. This helps us to continue to fine-tune the curation and grow with the child.
  • Who curates the Kutubooku boxes?
    Our curator panel consists of experts on child development and pedagogy. The panel is headed by our Chief Curator who is an engineer-MBA grad turned educator with Masters in Curriculum and Teaching from NTU(Singapore). She has worked in the field of education research extensively as a part of research projects based out of Singapore and Finland.
  • How many books does a Kutubook box contain?
    There are a few options to chose from. You could chose to receive 2, 4 or 5 books which are curated by our experts based on the responses we receive to our well-researched and thorough questionnaire about the reader. We are quite flexible and the plans can be changed with a month's notice.
  • What does the trial box contain?
    We have discontinued the one time trial boxes. One time box is a very short period to either evaluate the quality of curation or to develop a reading habit. We recommend a minimum subscription of 3 months as it allows us to receive feedback and fine-tune the curation. As you would imagine, Raising a Reader is a journey where we are preparing our children to develop a habit that continues for their life.
  • What age group does Kutubooku cater to?
    We cater to 0-8 year olds. But if you kid is older than 8 and need help with their reading journey, you can reach out to us through and we would be glad to help you out with proven strategies and ideas that you could try with the reader.
  • Can we pay on a monthly basis?
    Due to RBI regulations many of the payment gateways in India are still in the process of building a robust solution for monthly billing. Currently we have only pre-paid plans for 3 and 6 months. In case you buy a 6 month plan and want to cancel it at a later stage, we do allow it after a minimum duration of 3 months. You just have to reach out to us using the chat or email us at
  • Does Kutubooku ship outside India?
    For international shipping, please contact us through chat or email us at
  • What is the shipping and delivery policy
    Shipping and delivery cost is included in the cost within India. All packages will be shipped within 2-3 weeks time. We take 2-3 weeks so that our expert team of curators are able to review all information that we have received about your child's interests, development requitements, life stage, reading levels etc. This allows the team to curate well and send you the books that have the highest probability of success. We do stay in touch with you throughout the process.
  • What is your return, refund and cancellation policy ?
    We understand that books can sometimes get damaged during shipping. We accept returns for all damaged books and will replace them with new ones. Additionally, we provide you with a list of books to be shipped each month in advance. If you already have any of these books in your library, you can inform us, and we will replace it with a different book that is not in your personal collection. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime after the first 3 months. Kindly give us a month's notice to cancel the subscription.
  • How does the gifting work?
    Kutubooku gifts are well treasured by parents and caregivers. You can proceed to giftting section from the main menu and gift a subscription. Once the gift is purchased, Kutubooku team will reach out to the recipient via email and/or Whatsapp and will request them to fill up a questionnaire that will help us understand the child better and curate books on that basis. If a parent/caregiver is hesitant of filling up the questionnaire, we will proceed to provide the best books for their age group.
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