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Stories of Kutubboku

Hear What Kids and Parents Love About Kutubooku

Kutubooku is godsent for parents who are tired of the cookie-cutter age filter search results on Amazon and other eCommerce sites. Curators at Kutubooku know their readers, their age, reading history and preferences which ensures that every single book in a book box turns out to be a favourite. The reading guide cards ensure that a book is not just a story, but also a fun conversation on important topics. Each book is a gem, with great stories and colourful illustrations, that you would hardly find elsewhere. We started with a trial book box for Sanu (Sanidhya) and are now hooked to it. We now excitedly look forward to the next book box as much as she does. And Sanu finds a personal touch in her book boxes in that they are sent by her Riamma, and not by some stranger Amazon Uncle! 🙂

Praveen    |   Bengaluru


Aleena, my daughter, has always loved stories and books being read to her since she was really young. Once she learned the alphabet, I bought her books that were easy for her to pick up. But the impact of it was the opposite of what we expected; and over time, she lost interest in books since we would force her to read. That's when I got to know about Kutubooku. The first box from Kutubooku itself was a revelation. 
It was a hand-picked assortment of books tailored to her interests and age. 
That's when I realised that picking the right books was an art in itself. She loved each and every book, and they have wonderful life lessons too. 
I wouldn't call this subscription cheap, but it's absolutely worth every penny. I wouldn't have even known about the existence of these books or bought them otherwise!

Kadeeja    |  Trivandrum




It was challenging to choose the right books for my child.My child didn’t like most of the books I got for him.
Kutubooku curated  handpicked children's books tailored to my child's age and interests.

Namitha Thomas    |   Kochi

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